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acne spot treatment.

Spot-On Acne Treatment

Spot-On Acne Treatment

$ 9.00


We all have acne at some point in our lives. Some us are over 50 and still have blemishes from time to time.

Don't squeeze them! (As much as you want to, leave that to your esthetician.)

We have a better way.

After washing your face with one of Ohana Soaps' excellent soaps like Active Charcoal Face Bar, Blueberry Scrub SoapCastille Soap, (or any of our other wonderful soaps really), gently towel dry your skin and apply 1-2 drops of Ohana Soaps Spot-On Acne Treatment to effectively and dry out those blemishes in just a few days. Poof. Gone. Leaves just your flawless complexion.

One of our 1.5 oz. amber eyedropper bottles contains a blend of tea tree and jojoba oil.

Also try one of our wonderful Face Masks and our Pure Rose Water Face Mist!