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Activated Charcoal Face Mask

Activated Charcoal Face Mask

$ 12.00


This amazing face mask uses a blend of detoxifying clays, Activated charcoal from coconuts, aloe vera  and super healing essential oils to detoxify your skin and remove heavy metals.

This super powerful face mask can be used on all types of skin and the benefits of this mask will leave your skin filling refreshed and clean. 

On top of being able to draw-out toxins from the body, the clay, charcoal blend is able to bind to bacteria and toxins living on the surface of the skin and within pores to extract these from the pores.

 The clay itself has a range of nutrients  and minerals, including calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron and potassium.

This face mask is infused with tea tree and lavender essential oils

The the health benefits of tea tree can be attributed to its properties as and powerful antioxidant as well as its antibacterial, antimicrobial antiseptic and stimulant as well as many more. Its impressive qualities have spread throughout the world

Lavender essential oil helps to calm the skin and to inhibit bacteria. According to dermatologists and aromatherapists, lavender essential oil is one of the most beneficial oils in the treatment of acne

2 oz jar

Directions: use approximately 1 tablespoon and mix with water to form a smooth paste like consistency. apply to face and allow to dry before rinsing. do not use metal when mixing.