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Ohana Soaps Zombie Dust Bubble Bath chases away icky dirt while making bathtime fun for your cute little 'monsters.'

Zombie Dust Bubble Bath

Zombie Dust Bubble Bath

$ 7.50


Zombie Dust Bubble Bath chases away icky dirt while making bathtime fun for your cute little 'monsters.'

For regular-size bathtubs, sprinkle a couple of  tablespoons of Zombie Dust under running water, and let the bubbles hypnotize them into another realm. Our bubble bath dust will leave them squeaky clean, soft and smelling nice...and they may even stay in the tub a little longer.

We make our bubble bath in small batches to ensure a great quality. All of our bath and body products are handcrafted in Carlsbad, California and shipped fresh to you.

Made with real baking soda, citric acid, lathanol powder and sweet almond oil. Phthalate-free white tea ginger fragrance.

6.0 + oz package