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Ohana Soaps in San Diego Union-Tribune

Posted by Kasey Gresowski on

Sharing: Vista Strawberry Festival: From pies to soap, a perfect view on what the Vista Strawberry Festival is all about, by Roger Showley from the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Thank you Roger for mentioning Ohana Soaps' special hand-made strawberry soaps!

Like a basket of freshly picked strawberries and looking so much like the real thing, many Vista Strawberry Festival visitors had a hard time telling the difference between our handmade Market Strawberry soap and real strawberries. Dusted with real 24K gold mica powder, our sparkly soap looks and smells good enough to eat!

We had such a good time at this year's festival, we're already on board for next year's.

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Ohana Soaps mentioned in San Diego Union Tribune May 30, 2016


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